Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Illinois: Husky attacked by pit bull in Round Lake Park dies

ILLINOIS -- A dog involved in a fight with what appeared to attacked by a pit bull Saturday in Round Lake Park has died, authorities said Monday.

Round Lake Park Police Chief George Filenko said the Siberian husky died at a local veterinary clinic from a broken neck suffered when it was attacked by a loose dog at 4 p.m. Saturday, in the 300 block of Grandview Drive.

Filenko said the other dog involved in the attack has not been located, and officers continue to investigate.

"We have contacted animal control and are speaking with known pit bull owners in the area," he said.

According to witnesses, the dog was running loose Saturday afternoon when it attacked the husky, injuring it and its owner, a 68-year-old Round Lake Park woman.

After the attack, an unidentified woman arrived and walked the dog south on Grandview Drive away from the scene.

The husky's owner was taken by ambulance to Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, where she was treated and later released for cuts to her hands and wrists.

Police officers searched the area Saturday and Sunday trying to locate the missing dog. Investigators believe the dog might be from neighboring Hainesville, Filenko said Sunday.

"If we locate the animal and its owner, there will be charges," he added.

Anyone with information about the attack or the dog is asked to call Round Lake Police at (847) 270-9111.

Created January 28, 2017 by Darren Lyon on behalf of Barbara Naylor
Hainesville, IL

Sandra and Tika are my neighbor's and friends they were attacked by a loose dog on Saturday January 28th.  Tika passed away from her injuries a Sandra went to the hospital and received several stitches to her hands from the injuries she sustained from trying to protect her best friend. The other party left her to die in the same path I walk my kids. All of us in this small community are heartbroken that Sandra has lost her best friend. We are asking you to please lend a hand in helping pay for Tika's final arrangements.

Update Sunday, January 29th.
Sandra is doing a little better, some of the swelling has gone down on her hands. Her hands are still wrapped up in bandages and resemble mittens. Emotionally she is trying to keep pressing forward despite noticing a new level of quiet in the household since her companion is gone.

Note: Barb Naylor has connected her account to this fundraiser to collect funds on behalf of Sandra because Sandra does not have a computer or internet. All documentation will be provided publically for all to see in regard to handling of these donations. Many thanks for all those who sent donations and shared well wishes and much needed words of kindness and encouragement to Sandra.

Update Tuesday, January 31.
Tika was finally taken to Fox Lake Animal Hospital for her final arrangements, and she will be returned home to her owner's hands in an urn by Monday.
A very special thank you to all who helped us along in this time of crisis, and Fox Lake Animal Hospital for their willingness to help us as well. It is abundantly clear that Fox Lake Animal Hospital is 100% heart and sincerely care about pets and their families, no matter where they are from.

(Daily Herald - Jan 30, 2017)

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