Sunday, February 12, 2017

Indiana: Woman bitten in the face by pit bull

INDIANA -- Tadisa McBride Winders at Deaconess Hospital Main Campus.
February 11, 2017 · Evansville, IN ·

Nakita Mcbride got attacked by a pit bull dog, I came to pick her up she was transferred from Eldorado Illinois she is fine the dog bit her top lip........ Also my mom checked herself in the er with abdominal pain they are thinking kidney stone...... Damn our family is being put through it tonight devil you can stop anytime!!!!

Austin W Mcbride - By whos dog?

April Mcbride - Paul and Angie Nelloms

Jeffrey McBride - hope the dog is dead now.

Brian Hill What kinda dog bit ur face

Brian Hill - Ouch

Martha Rhodes - Oh my Nikki !!!So glad it ain't worse. I hate those dogs. They seem to always want to bite someone. You're still beautiful to me. Love you girl

Nakita Mcbride - Love you thank you