Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kansas: Police investigating after teen caught on video beating and kicking dog

KANSAS -- The Wichita Police Department continues to investigate a video on
social media that allegedly showed a male kicking and punching a dog.

The video was shot by Randi Carter Sunday morning in the are of 15th and Estelle just east of Grove.

Carter, who is a member of Beauties and Beasts Animal Rescue, often patrols the area looking for animals that may be in need.

“Rolled through one of my neighborhoods to check on my dogs,” Carter said.

That’s when Carter said she saw what appeared to be a young boy beating a dog along the Wichita street.

“I seen him do a correction and it was pretty rough and I thought, oh, that’s not going to be very good.” she said.

Carter quickly pulled out her cell phone and hit record. She said first the teenage boy punched the dog and then he got more violent.

“He tugged the dog, positioned the dog in front of him and then just kicked him and he kicked him about six times right in the face,” Carter said. “I cringed, I am like are you kidding me.”

She then gave the boy an ultimatum. Carter said she would call 911 if the boy did not release the dog to her custody. When the boy refused to hand over the animal, Carter called police.

Well handing over the dog to some stranger is not going to stop the behavior. He'll just get another dog and beat it as well.

On Monday, Wichita Police Lt. Joe Schroeder said the suspect, a minor, had been identified, interviewed and released to his parents. He said the dog was turned
over to animal services, and the family is fully cooperating with investigators.

“The Wichita Police Department cares about these cases, and we take animal cases very seriously,” said Sgt. Nikki Woodrow, Wichita Police Department.

Carter said she is somewhat pleased with the outcome. She’s happy knowing the dog is now in a safe place, but she said she’s concerned about the boy in the video.

“He needs help,” Carter said. “I want him to be educated.”

Despite Carter calling the police on the boy, she said she doesn’t want him to be charged in the case. Instead, she wants him to learn how to treat animals.

“I would love to train him. Come and work my kennels buddy. I want you to see
what it takes to clean a kennel. I want you to see what it’s like to actually
teach a dog to do something magnificent,” Carter said.

She also wants the boy to learn what it takes to rehab an abused animal.

“Let me show you what happens to these rescue dogs and how much it takes to fix them after people destroy them,” she said.

(KSN - Jan 9, 2017)