Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kentucky: Family says toddler is recovering after dog attack

KENTUCKY -- Saturday evening, a two-year-old boy remains at UK Hospital recovering from a vicious dog bite.

"We left up there he was getting a little sleepy and tired and ready to rest a little bit," Virgil Snow, the boy's grandfather, told WKYT's Caitlin Centner Saturday afternoon. He says his grandson, Trent, seemed to be in better spirits, though.

"He seems to be doing a lot better. They said he's a lot more active today than he had been. He's been up moving around being pretty much a typical kid."

Trent is at Kentucky Children's Hospital recovering after a pit bull bit him in the face. The two-year-old has had to get dozens of stitches (another article said FIFTY STITCHES in his little face), something family says they never saw coming.

"No, nobody seen it coming," Snow said. "My daughter wouldn't take her son somewhere knowing that he's going to be harmed."

Snow says the toddler was with his mom at her brother's house to pick him [her brother] up when seemingly out of nowhere the dog attacked him.

"My daughter and Trenton was sitting there eating cookies and drinking milk, waiting for them to get ready and in a matter of seconds the dog was on him, clamped down on him one time."

He says other children have been around the dog with no issue but says pit bulls aren't something to mess around with.

Snow said, "To me they're not really type of dog you'd want around a grown up, much less a child."

Centner talked with Trent's mom. She said she's not ready to go on camera because she needs to be with her little boy as he fights this.

Family is waiting a couple more days to get an update from doctors to see what happens next. WKYT is told he'll have at least a week's worth of treatment at the hospital.

"We need a lot of prayers for him," Snow said. "That's what counts right now is the baby."

For at least 10 days, the dog is under quarantine at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter, but the county attorney told WKYT it could be longer based on what happens with the case.

(WKYT - ‎Feb 11, 2017‎)

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