Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ohio: Parents say son will suffer permanent damage after dog attack

OHIO -- A 12-year-old boy’s arm will be permanently “disfigured” according to his mother, after he was attacked by a dog Saturday morning as he walked down the street from his grandmother’s house in Dayton’s Drexel neighborhood.

Trey McColloch said he was walking south on Northampton Avenue to a nearby Dollar General, when a neighbor opened the door of their home and let out a white pit bull. The gate was open and the dog ran at him, the boy told his parents.

“It went to go jump towards his face, his throat, and Trey ended up putting his arm out,” said his stepfather, Brandon Severt.

According to a Trotwood Police Department report, officer’s on scene spoke with the owner of the dog the boy said attacked him who said he was washing dishes when he heard someone yell outside of his home.

After looking outside the window and seeing a “smaller build” pit bull biting the boy, he first checked his home to make sure his own animals were in the house and secure.

The man then ran outside to help Trey, but the dog released him and ran away in an “unknown direction,” according to the report.

The man also reportedly walked back with Trey to his grandparents home, but was approached by the boy’s angry grandfather, who accused the man’s dog of attacking the boy.

“It’s an 8-inch by 14-inch gap in his arm. It’s about an inch deep. It goes down almost to his bone,” said Trey’s mother, Frances McColloch.

In 911 audio obtained by this news organization, Trey’s grandmother Lavinia Rash told dispatch: “It’s not the first time this dog has bitten somebody.”

Police determined the man’s dog was not the animal involved in the incident, due to a lack of blood found in the dog’s mouth, according to McColloch.

They don't always have blood in their mouths b/c they're constantly licking. Do a DNA test to match saliva in the boy's wounds. 

Cathy Petersen, spokesperson for the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, said no reports or calls to service have been made to the man’s address.

While in the hospital, McColloch said police showed Trey a lineup of three photos of white pit bulls, and that Trey identified the man’s dog.

“The only person in the neighborhood who has a white pit is the guy who Trey says,” she said.

McColloch said Trey’s arm will always be disfigured and he will require two years of surgeries. Severt said they plan to hire a lawyer and explore their options.

(MyDaytonDailyNews - Feb 14, 2017)