Wednesday, February 15, 2017

South Africa: Complete moron zip-ties his dogs' legs, throws them in the back of a hot pickup truck bed and takes them to the shelter to surrender them

SOUTH AFRICA -- Photos of two dogs that had their legs cable-tied in the back of a van have sparked outrage on social media.

The dogs were rescued on Tuesday afternoon by the Benoni SPCA who said they would be taking action against the previous owner of the dogs.

In the post uploaded to Facebook, SPCA staff say they were ‘completely horrified’ by the incident.

“The owner who lives in Cloverdene, brought his two dogs, cable-tied at the legs, to the Benoni SPCA for surrender. The poor animals, were transported on the back of a truck, in the sun.

"The treatment of these animals, is completely unacceptable and the owner should know better than to transport them this way. The dogs have been treated for parasites and are up for adoption immediately,” the post said.

(Northglen News - February 15, 2017)