Saturday, February 25, 2017

Texas: 'The smell of urine was overpowering' at home where hundreds of animals were seized

TEXAS -- Approximately 150 feeder mice and rats, 86 snakes, 56 guinea pigs, 28 dogs, 26 rabbits, 15 goats, nine doves, eight skinks, seven ferrets, seven pigs, six pigeons, four geckos or lizards, four gerbils, four turtles, three bearded dragons, two ducks, two miniature pigs, two tortoises, one tarantula and one turkey were taken from the Caldwell County home near Lockhart.


Officials with the SPCA of Texas and the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office cleared out the home Monday. They found 421 animals alive in the home as well as "dozens of deceased animals," according to an SPCA news release.

When authorities entered the house, animals were found living in small cages, filled with feces, while others were found roaming around in a bedroom.

The majority of the 86 snakes were found in a closet and a bathroom and one dog was living in a tiny enclosure meant for a guinea pig.


"Inside the house, the smell of urine was overpowering," officials said in the release.

The SPCA news release said most of the reptiles were not appropriately housed or fed and were "living in their own filth."

The rabbits, goats, pigs and a few dogs were living in wire cages, carriers and homemade enclosures in the yard and in a shed.


The animals were taken to various animal care facilities to be treated for health issues.

Criminal charges for the owner of the home are pending, according to the release.


(San Antonio Express-News - February 22, 2017)

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