Saturday, February 18, 2017

United Kingdom: Anger as much-loved pet dog is savaged and killed by pair of greyhounds

UNITED KINGDOM -- A woman and her three-year-old grandson looked on in horror as two greyhounds savagely attacked their four dogs – leaving one dead.

Heather Chamberlain, 49, set off for a walk from her home in Knossington Road, Braunston, Rutland, at about 3pm last Wednesday.

She was accompanied by grandson Logan; her two dogs – Pippa, a springer spaniel and Ruby, a cockapoo; and daughter Sasha’s two dachshunds Oscar and Bella.

Having spent around half an hour walking in a local field, they began heading for home.

But then two greyhounds, which had escaped from the garden of another home in the village, ran straight towards Heather’s dogs and began a frenzied attack.

Heather said: “It was absolutely terrifying. They were so aggressive. I dropped my leads to pick up and protect my grandson who was screaming.

“One minute Oscar was at my feet, the next he was in the middle of the road on his back with a greyhound biting his stomach, tossing him around and shaking him.

“The other greyhound was racing around trying to catch Bella.

“Logan saw everything. I was screaming for help. I was very concerned for my own safety – and that of my grandson.”

Heather ran home with Logan in her arms and three of her dogs followed, as did one of the greyhounds.

When she got home her husband Adrian, 50, managed to grab on to the greyhound’s collar and keep it under control while Heather and Logan got inside the house.

Sasha, 22, heard the screaming and after being told what happened she ran up the street to look for Oscar. Sadly, she found his lifeless body near the scene of the attack.

Sasha was extremely close to Oscar, who was bought for her as a gift by her parents after she lost a baby son, Joshua, who was born prematurely at 32 weeks just under five years ago.

She said: “Oscar was the softest ever. He didn’t leave my side after I lost my baby. He comforted me and was so special. We felt like he was a present from Joshua.”

The family called police to report the incident and have given statements to an officer who visited their home later that day.

Heather said she now fears taking her surviving dogs out for walks and added that Logan has been left traumatised by what happened.

Her cockapoo Ruby was bitten on the nose.

Leicestershire Police confirmed officers are investigating the attack.

A spokesperson said: “Enquiries are ongoing and witnesses are in the process of being spoken to.”

(Rutland and Stamford Mercury - Feb 17, 2017)

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