Friday, February 10, 2017

Wisconsin: Sheltie loves to go sledding with her family

WISCONSIN -- There are sled dogs and then there's Roxie, a dog that likes to go sledding.

Roxie the sledding sheltie dog came into the Crowley family six years ago.


"Considering all the other dogs I've seen, they are too scared or they jump off right away, Roxie goes full-in, not afraid she loves it. She begs to go sledding every day," said owner Marissa Crowley.


Roxie could stay out all day and night. Her family has to literally drag her back in the house on her sled.

She has recently caught the attention of the internet.

Roxie's owners say if her popularity continues to grow she may have a national TV show in her future.

(Fox8Live - Feb 2, 2017)