Friday, March 10, 2017

Alabama: Marcel Spinks charged with aggravated animal cruelty after pizza delivery driver spots bloody dog

ALABAMA -- An Anniston man has been arrested for cutting the ears off his dog, and investigators say they believe he clipped them with garden shears or scissors and left them to bleed.

Calhoun County Deputy Jon Garlick said today that Marcel Raymond Spinks was arrested yesterday on charges of aggravated animal cruelty. He was later released on $10,000 bond. His court date is set for April 13 at 1:30 p.m.


Authorities said the case against Spinks began on Feb. 23, when a pizza delivery employee noticed a dog with excessive bleeding in the 400 block of Dearmanville Avenue South.

Capt. Marcus Wood said investigators believe Spinks cut the dog's ears to make the dog "look meaner" and to keep it from having something for other dogs to grab onto.

The dog, a four to five-month-old pit bull named Cry Baby, was operated on shortly after authorities seized him and is recovering.

"This is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty I've ever seen," said Jane Cunningham, board president of the Cheaha Regional Humane Society. "There was blood everywhere when the delivery person saw the animal. We were afraid the dog was going to bleed out."

In all, authorities seized seven dogs from Spinks. Eric Clanton, a veterinarian who treated the dog, said owners sometimes have pit bulls' ears trimmed - called fighting trim - but Spinks held the dog down and cut his ears. The left ear was completely cut off, Clanton said, while the right ear was cut from the center of the neck to the tip and were not sutured.

"These were open wounds," he said. There should be no effect on the dog's hearing.

Cunningham said she hopes people will report cases like this to prevent animal injuries.

Tara Davis Moudy shared WVTM 13's post on Facebook:

Before everyone goes believing this crock, this wasn't his dog he would never hurt an animal. I have know him for 9 years and he has lots of animals and would never do anything but I have 2 neighbors right behind me that do hurt and neglect their dogs and I have called and reported them and nothing gets done. This makes me upset that an innocent man is having to go through this when the guilty ones have nothing happen

Linda Hughes - somebody at his house injured this dog. the least he could have done is get this animal some care for his injuries and he did not do that. How can you say he is not responsible for this?

Linda Hughes - I know someone called and reported that someone was cutting off the dogs (more than one) ears with scissors and when they got there they found one dog with his ears cut off and several others were there as well.

Tara Davis Moudy - That is NOT true, the dog that was there was injured but not by this man and the dog that he had that had its ears cut was professional by a vet. And the dog that was at his house he was in the process of getting the dog to where it needed to be, this act was not done at his house.

Tara Davis Moudy - This isn't my battle to fight but it just irritates me to see someone who wouldn't hurt an animal get into serious trouble when I have called the law to people for serious serious neglect and nothing happens and people are quick to judge someone when they dnt know all the facts

Linda Hughes - I know quiet a few facts about this one and he has been arrested so his story of having a vet do that is not adding up. When people call in about abuse and neglect they do investigate it but unfortunately until the animal is in serious trouble they can't do anything about it which should tell you that they have some real proof here are he would not have been arrested. The dog with his ears cut was in serious need of a vets care and was not getting it at the very least. I have to disagree with you on this one and we will have to wait and see what happens in court. Just know this... it is really really hard to get someone arrested over a dog. I mean they really have to have some proof and they have it in this case.

Rhonda Nunn - Omg Tara Davis Moudy, I don't believe that either I have been around him with his dogs and they were like his children sometimes he had one accidentally die of a heat stroke bec knocked water over in mid summer and he was at work and made the grown man come to tears someone like that doesn't intentionally harm another one

(WVTM - March 9, 2017)