Saturday, March 4, 2017

California: Miniature Pinscher being walked by his owner is attacked by homeless guy's pit bull

CALIFORNIA -- Jessie Matawhat posted on Facebook on February 25, 2017

My good friend Clarence, a friend of many of ours, was walking his best little buddy Coach recently when Coach was attacked by a stray pit bull. Coach's leg and abdomen and organs were severely injured, requiring several surgeries and an extended hospital stay. 

This dog's a fighter though, and what would have killed another, Coach is soldiering through. This little guy's spirit is what's so special about him. When Clarence’s father was ailing and living with him, and then passed, it was Coach who got Clarence out of bed in the morning. It was Coach that pulled him through that darkness. His owner has that fighter’s spirit too.

If you know Clarence, there’s a good chance that you’ve argued with him. He's also probably bought you more than one drink, or helped you with your rent, or a plane ticket home to see a sick family member. Life is ups and downs and he’s been there for so many of us when we’ve been down and he’s been up. Please consider doing that for him now. Doesn’t have to be a lot, every little bit helps.

I think the above paragraph is one of the best descriptions of a friend that I've seen in a long time. 

Raleigh Renton shared Doggie Walkin' & Kitten Sittin''s photo.
February 25 at 6:41pm ·
🚨 🚨 Our friend, Clarence was walking his dog Coach 2/14 in Hollywood when they were attacked by a homeless persons dog. Coach was severely hurt, especially his back leg. Coach has endured several major surgeries to save his life and his leg. The bills are stacking and he could really use your help. Please visit Coach's gofundme & donate:

Anything helps, I really appreciate your getting involved.

GoFundMe link: Help save Coach
Created February 23, 2017 by Ixchele Alegria  
Please give anything you can to help save our beloved Coach. Our sweet mini-pin was visciously attached by a stray pit bull while out on his daily walk with Clarence. He has already pulled through one long surgery that saved his legs. He will need more surgery and physical therapy to learn how to walk again. Anything you can donate to help is greatly appreciated.

Coach doesn't like to take his meds and is fighting this process, his hind legs stiffen overnight ~ he just wants to run and play like he did before and his little body is so fragile and probably very sore ... "one day at a time Coach !" ... we're all sending you a whole lot of love ~

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