Friday, March 3, 2017

Maine: K9 Attacks Fairfield Police Officer’s Infant Daughter

MAINE -- A Fairfield police officer’s infant daughter is in intensive care at Eastern Maine Medical Center after that officer’s town owned dog attacked the girl.

That’s according to Winslow Police chief Shawn O’Leary, who says it happened at the home of Officer Jordan Brooks in Winslow Friday night.

He says the dog took the 7 month old out of her crib and the family found the baby after the dog released the girl.

Chief O’Leary says the baby suffered puncture wounds and potential broken ribs.

She was taken to a Waterville Hospital, then transferred to Bangor.

O’Leary says both parents were home.

The dog, named Rex, is in quarantine for ten days at the Humane Society in Waterville.

O’Leary says the dog is not currently a working police dog and was supposed to begin training this month.

In the video, O'Leary is quick to say there will be NO charges that it was just an unfortunate accident. Hmm, they take a trained K9 dog home and leave it unattended loose inside the house. They have an infant that is left unattended. They didn't even know the dog had snatched the baby until they went looking for her. 

No baby should be left unattended with animals - even tiny dogs - but this officer and his wife should NEVER have had that dog loose where it could get to the baby. 

(WABI - March 2, 2017)