Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Hampshire: Penny Dessalines, 47, and Burnie Johnson, 51, owners of monkey kept illegally in Laconia will face charges

NEW HAMPSHIRE — The monkey who was seized Monday from a home in Laconia is being cared for at a veterinary hospital in Weare.

The monkey, whose species has not yet been identified, is a male named Bella, according to Fish and Game Conservation Officer Chris Brison.

Conservation officers executed a search warrant for the Laconia property Monday and found the monkey after receiving a tip.

Brison said Penny Dessalines, 47, and Burnie Johnson, 51, will face violation level charges for keeping an exotic animal without a special permit.

READ: Officers seize pet monkey illegally kept on Laconia property
The task now is finding the monkey an appropriate home.

“We’d like to keep him local if we can,” Brison said, but he admits if they can’t find a suitable home for Bella, he may have to go to an out-of-state facility.

Bella appeared to be in good health when he was seized, according to Brison, but he is currently being examined at the Exotic Pet and Bird Specialty Clinic of New Hampshire in Weare. The veterinary clinic is offering their services free of charges.

According to Brison, although uncommon, there have been other monkey seizures in the past in New Hampshire.

(NH1 - Mar 7, 2017)