Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Jersey: Neptune City Pit Bull attacks 4 before hero saves the day

NEW JERSEY -- Police are calling a 22-year-old man a hero.

Carl Henry Ganchier tackled a pit bull after the dog attacked several people, sending four to the hospital – including a 10-year-old child, police said.

Police first got calls for a dog attack at the Brighton Arms apartments on West Sylvania Avenue minutes before 7 a.m. Tuesday, police director Edward D. Kirschenbaum Sr. said.

Police Sgt. Hoover Cano and Patrolman Alexander Parisi arrived to find a 42-year-old woman on the ground with several injuries. "There's a young man holding the dog by a collar," Kirschenbaum said. "The dog is still violent at this time."

The saga began Monday night, when a Neptune man called a friend, 41-year-old Terrance Simmons, to offer him a 2-year-old pit bull, Kirschenbaum said. The dog had bitten the man's wife three days earlier. Simmons agreed to take on the dog, then went to Brighton Arms to visit with his sister and her 10-year-old child.

In the morning, "The 10-year-old child wakes up and wants to see the dog, they open the room, the dog immediately attacks the 10-year-old," Kirschenbaum said.

"It then attacks Mr. Simmons ... his sister comes to his aid and the dog attacks his sister."

Minutes earlier, a 42-year-old woman had dropped off an infant child with relatives several doors down. Kirschenbaum said the dog attacked her as she was leaving.

"Upon hearing that she's being attacked, her 22-year-old nephew, Carl Henry Ganchier, runs out of his apartment," Kirschenbaum said. "He tackles the dog, and as patrol arrives, he's holding the collar."

Parisi and Ganchier got the dog into a patrol car, Kirschenbaum said. The ASPCA eventually took possession of the dog.

Medics took Simmons, his sister, her child and the 42-year-old woman to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune for treatment,  Kirschenbaum said. Ganchier suffered a scratch on his arm but refused medical attention.

"He's a hero. He saved a lot of people today," Kirschenbaum said.

The matter was still under investigation Tuesday.


(Cincinnati.com - March 21, 2017)