Friday, March 10, 2017

New Mexico: After pit bull attacks their dog, they're relieved at first -thinking she'll be ok- only to be devastated when she suddenly dies. Rest in peace, sweet Lily.

NEW MEXICO -- London Ingoglia added 2 new photos — feeling upset. Posted on Facebook March 4, 2017

My husband was walking our dog and a pit bull jumped the fence and attacked our dog. Animal Control was here within 20 minutes of me calling. Pictures taken and the owner left the house before they could get a report. I am so upset. You wonder why pits get a bad name?

Why as an owner would you flee your house? No excuses. My poor dog is already dealing with health issues. No records of being up to date with shots or registered with the city either. Shame on you. See you in court.

London Ingoglia Posted on Facebook March 7, 2017

Posting a follow up for everyone regarding our puppy that was attacked over the weekend by a pit bull that jumped over their fence.

She is healing and on an antibiotic. Her vet says we are very lucky the dog didn't go for the neck.

We will most likely taking the owners to court but we are hoping they pay the vet bill to avoid it since we both live in the same neighborhood.

London Ingoglia - They denied their dog did it so yeah it's going to be interesting.

Alesha Brock - OH yay... ya that will be fun in court..

London Ingoglia - I'm betting they won't pay it. No way they are going to be cooperative.

Thanks to everyone for your compassion and it helped me a lot.

Lily had a follow up with the vet and she is on an antibiotic. She's healing and doing well. Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and commented. I love all the compassion. Moving forward we will be purchasing mace and hoping the owners taken responsibility and pay for the vet bill. Hugs to you all.

London Ingoglia feeling devastated. Posted on Facebook March 8, 2017

Sad day indeed.

While my daughter and I were volunteering and my sweet husband took off work to watch over our sweet dog Lily, she closed her eyes, went to sleep and didn't wake up. She passed away while hopefully having a sweet dream. 

We are destroyed over this as she had recently been attacked by a pit bull. I cannot express how horrible this situation was and would ask for prayers for my daughter.

I am sad to have to post such terrible news on social media and please understand I may not be able to get back to you at this time. Thanks for all the prayers and wishes sent our way.


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