Friday, March 10, 2017

New Mexico: Woman's Miniature Pinscher attacked and killed by pit bulls... but is insistent that this pit bull was "trained" to be this way

NEW MEXICO -- Criselda Duran posted on Facebook February 23, 2017

This is my snoop dog plz help me find I hurt my leg and I can't go look for if you. All see him call 5753639578 I don't have slit of I will give what I have

Criselda Duran posted on March 8 ·

Heart broken!!!!! we found our Snoop dog sad to say. He passed away I never though I could love a pet like. Snoop loving play. Loved to go to dallor store for his slim Jim he was attacked by a pit bull God. Knows I would have killed that bitch RIP my buddy


Criselda Duran posted on March 8

Li just laid my dog to sleep he was a very special animal smart funny y concerned kinda dog and this f ING pit bull kills him don't get me wrong pit bulls are good dogs it the way you raise them that counts I never thought a little soul Like my snoop will hurt so much I don't blame this dog that. Took this. Life I blame the owners how can you have a bog at has been raised to kill other dog I can't wrap that around my brain that get a job a stop this dogs that are training to fight don't have a choice fight or be kill you dog fighter makesick I love pit bulls they are most best friend you can have raised right living caring