Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pennsylvania: Officer cites Samarjit Sidhu for harboring dangerous dog after pit bull chased and attacked bicyclist

PENNSYLVANIA -- A dog law enforcement officer has filed a second citation within less than a month against another person for allegedly harboring a dangerous dog.

John Graham, who covers Columbia and Montour counties, filed two citations against Samarjit Sidhu, of 304 Maple St., for allegedly harboring a dangerous dog and for allegedly failing to have the dog under reasonable control Feb. 22 in the 300 block of Maple St.

He filed the citations in the office of Montour County District Judge Marvin Shrawder.

The dog was identified as a male American red-nosed pit bull terrier, reddish brown and 2 years old, according to the citations.

Graham requests that Sidhu be fined if found guilty.

In mid-February, he cited Robert Boyer, of 325 PPL Road, Danville, for harboring a dangerous dog from an incident Jan. 16.

The dog allegedly bit and injured an adult riding a bike.

The 4-year-old American pit bull terrier mix underwent a required 10-day quarantine and was determined to have a current registration and rabies vaccination, according to Shannon Powers, state Department of Agriculture deputy communications director.

If a dog is deemed dangerous, the owner must comply with a number of regulations. Regulations include registering the animal as dangerous, paying a $500 annual fee and re-registration, posting warning signs, carrying $50,000 in liability insurance, submitting to at least two annual inspections, microchipping the animal, confinement, muzzling and restraining the dog when outside an enclosure.

Graham also cited Jason Madara, of Danville, for failure to keep two female dogs confined within his property Feb. 27 at 215 Kelly’s Dam Road in Liberty Township. Graham requests a $500 fine be imposed.

(Danville News - March 6, 2017)