Thursday, March 30, 2017

Texas: Bayton officer attacked by pit bull; shoots and kills dog but his left hand got in the way

TEXAS -- On Wednesday March 29, 2017, Baytown Police Officer Robert Ramlal #153 responded to a shoplifter call, that was updated to a robbery, the suspect was assaulting an employee.

When Officer Ramlal arrived on scene the unthinkable happened, he was brutally attacked by a pit bull.

Robert was severely bitten on the leg, buttocks, arm and hand. He fought to get out of the dogs death grip, in fear for his life he had no choice but to go for his duty weapon, incapacitating shooting and killing the vicious dog.

Robert was transported to Hermann Memorial Hospital where he was advised he had to have surgery to repair the extensive damage to the tendons in his hand.

Robert has since had the surgery and is now on his long road to recovery, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Robert has served the citizens of Baytown and the State of Texas, honorably for nine years. However, Robert serves an even greater role as a husband and father to a beautiful family.

Many have asked how they can help so this account has been set up for those that feel moved to help our brother.

Robert and his family greatly appreciate your love and prayers in this time.

Update #1:
"As of Wednesday 4/5/17: According to Plastic Surgeon Dr Carlos Murillo, I did indeed unintentionally shoot myself during the pit bull attack. The entry wound was located in left hand/wrist area below thumb & exit wound was located in my left palm. Gunpowder burns were observed around the entry wound. Bullet fragments removed from my hand during surgery. The bullet broke the bone & severed the tendons in my hand. The dog caused the amputation of my left ring finger by removing the bone during the attack. Estimated recovery time is 3 months barring any setbacks. Next doctor's appointment is 4/17/17 to remove stitches in my hand and arm. The following appointment will be to remove pins in my left ring finger which will be scheduled at a later date. Physical therapy will also be scheduled at a later date. I'll keep u posted on any further developments. Thanks so much for all the love, prayers, and continued support." -Ram

Update #2:
"As of 4/17/17 at 1700 hours, I had all but one stitch removed from my arm & hand. I had one stubborn, scabbed over stitch on my amputated finger that was unable to be removed at this time due to the fact it caused excruciating pain. On 5/1/17, I will have the pins removed from my amputated finger & the last stitch will be removed, hopefully. Upon removal of the pins, an additional joint capsule surgery may need to be conducted at a later date in the event there is an issue with the tendon repair, but I'm not claiming that. My hand is still swollen & numb & will be for the next 6-8 weeks as a result of my injuries. I am experiencing phantom pain in my amputated finger & will experience it for a minimum of 6-12 months/ maximum indefinitely. Following my next appointment, I will begin physical therapy for a minimum of 6 weeks to regain full function of my hand. In the meantime, I've been advised to continue to clean my wounds daily, elevate my arm to alleviate pain/reduce swelling, I am managing the pain the best I can, & I am trying to get as much rest as possible. Thank you all again for your thoughts, prayers, & continued support. Stay tuned for future updates." - Ram

Update #3:
"As of 5/1/17 at 1600 hours, the LONG pins in my amputated finger were successfully removed & plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Murillo was pleased with my healing process. I was advised to practice making a fist, grabbing items, moving my fingers, stretching out my hand, & popping my knuckles. Lately the soreness & nerve pain in my hand have amplified, but I was advised it was a normal part of the healing process. The next step is 6 weeks of physical therapy for a minimum of 3 times per week including regular home rehabilitation. It's been a long journey thus far, but I'm getting closer to being fully healthy. Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers as I prepare for rehabilitation." -Ram

Update #4:
"As of 6/12/17, I still do not have full function of my hand or fingers & I am still experiencing pain & stiffness associated with scar tissue & nerve damage. My physical therapy sessions were halted weeks ago pending a second surgery request. A Capsulectomy and Tenolysis procedure is scheduled for Tuesday 6/20/17 to assist me in regaining full function & mobility in my finger as it is mainly in a fixed position. Please keep my family & I in your prayers during this trying time as my recovery time is longer than initially expected. I thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, love, support, & ask that you continually share my campaign as I am still in need of financial assistance." - Ram

GoFundMe: Helping Our Brother In Blue
Created March 30, 2017 by Desiree Stanislas
on behalf of Robert Ramlal