Saturday, March 4, 2017

Texas: Woman says her dog was attacked by a pit bull - but won't take it to the vet

TEXAS -- Angela Irene Gomez added 3 new photos on Facebook February 25, 2017

Pray for my dog... It might be silly but he got attacked by a pit bull yesterday... And honestly dont have the money to take him to the vet.... Just let him have some prayers please... If y'all can... He's 1 out of 3 that is left from his momma and daddy  yes it might be silly... Bu please I love this dog more than anything.... My brother and sister adore this dog alot.... I just dont want to lose him.... Thank y'all...😖😥💔

People like this annoy me. If you can't afford to take your dog to the vet, don't have a dog. If this was your child, would you complain that you don't have the money to take him/her to the doctor so you'll let them suffer in pain? That is animal cruelty. 

There are expensive vets and there are cheap vets - find the cheap one. Pawn your ipad for the money. Borrow from friends. Get a payday loan. Go sell your plasma. People say they "can't afford" a vet while they're still buying sodas, cigarettes and fast food.

Adriana Trevino - Did the other dog have owners? If so I would made them aware of the situation and have them pay for vet bills

Angela Irene Gomez - Yeah

Angela Irene Gomez - So do I make them pay or what...

Adriana Trevino - Did you make a report on the dog ?

Angela Irene Gomez - Yeah the cops and animal services know

Adriana Trevino - Talk to the owners about the vet bills , come up with an agreement. If they refuse you can always take them to small claims court

Angela Irene Gomez - Dang. Ok

Kris Soto - And since the bite is by his mouth he might not be wanting to move his Jolle too much might be too hard for him to eat hard food I would try to feed him soft food

Angela Irene Gomez - It all happened at my house but the dog dragged him all the way by your house in front of the stop. And didn't let go

Angela Irene Gomez - Didnt let go until the owner came and started hitting him