Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Texas: Woman's searches for her lost dog for a week. She finds him just long enough to say goodbye after he was mauled by a pit bull

TEXAS -- Jenn White posted on Facebook March 6, 2017

Last night a dog got pretty well torn up by a large pit bull. Tonight he has been found on the NE side of San Antonio in real rough shape. I will drive out there and take the dog to the vet to be euthanized but I'm not going out there by myself. Anyone willing to meet me?????

Jenn White added 2 new photos March 7, 2017

Some people are just heartless....

Even if you're not particularly fond of animals, how can anyone see an animal suffering and not have an overwhelming desire to ease their pain but still consider themselves human?

This is Rambo. He had been missing for a week after he got out of his yard one day. His owner had posted for help to find her lost dog but nobody contacted her.

I was notified earlier this evening about an injured dog who had been attacked YESTERDAY who was lying in an alley. A few of my friends and I drove out to the location and rushed him to the vet.

By some miracle, his owner saw the post and recognized him from a photo. She rushed over to the vet in time to say her final goodbye to her boy. He was septic and in very bad shape. Covered in puncture wounds, necrosis had already begun to set in before help arrived.

Please, I'm begging you, if you see an animal suffering, don't just sit around and wait for somebody else to come along.

You ARE somebody. DO something!!!!

Rambo, you touched the hearts of so many people tonight. I'm sorry nobody was there to help you sooner. You deserved better than this. Rest peacefully sweet boy knowing you were loved <3

Debbie Gonzales - Jenn White, My heart breaks for Rambo and for his owner. We all owe you(and those who went with you) a huge thank you for doing all you could for him. Because of your post, at least his owner was able to see him one more time and say her goodbyes. So many were praying, in hopes maybe he could be saved. It wasn't to be, but I consider it a definite miracle/answer to our prayers that his owner recognized him from a photo and was able to rush over to see her boy and say goodbye. I will pray for her, now that he has crossed rainbow bridge. R.I.P. sweet Rambo.


Theresa Lopez - Thank you all. He didn't die all alone in the street and his mom was there with him to give him his love and say farewell. So frigging Sad that it had to end like this

Elena Noam - I'm so sorry sweet baby! Thank YOU so much for being there for him at his final moments crossing the bridge! May god bless you💔💔😪😪😪

Michelle Sullivan - RIP sweet boy.. Thank you Jenn White and everyone else who helped this little boy..


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