Friday, April 14, 2017

Alabama: Lori Wolting charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty; says she's trying to get donations to start her own exotic animal rescue

Full name: Lori Anne Wolting
Race: White
Sex: Female
Year of birth: 1961
Arrest date: 04/14/2017
Arrest location: Mobile County, Alabama

Article published less than a month before Lori Wolting was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Former Mobile Zoo employee plans to open animal sanctuary

ALABAMA -- A former Mobile Zoo employee is hoping to take the zoo’s bleak past and turn it into a beautiful animal sanctuary. Lori Wolting lives in Theodore (which is in Mobile County which is the county Lori Wolting was arrested in) and has worked with exotic animals for the past 30 years. Most recently, she worked at the Mobile Zoo.


She says she left the zoo after an argument with the former owner over the animal’s conditions.

“I worked out at Mobile Zoo for almost a year and me and John had a falling out. He kicked me off the property,” she said.

Shortly after Lori Wolting left the zoo the Mobile Zoo closed and the former owner was arrested. John Hightower was arrested and charged with 28 counts of animal cruelty this month. 

Wolting was able to rescue one monkey and two lemurs. She said this is her chance to open a safe place in the Mobile County for exotic creatures.

“I just love them,” she said. “I want to educate people with the exotics. It’s going to be sort of like a sanctuary/education facility. I want to open it up and reach out to the kids”.

She’s currently filed for non-profit status, she’s building large enclosures for animals, and she’s looking at different locations for the sanctuary. Right now, she's calling her project "The Helping Hands" Sanctuary.

How can she be building large enclosures when she doesn't have the property yet???

"I love all animals," she said, "inner-city kids should be able to have a chance to come out and view these beautiful animals. That's what I want".


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