Sunday, April 23, 2017

Arizona: Woman, her daughter and their two Dachshunds attacked by two pit bulls

ARIZONA -- My name is Julie Jarrell and my daughter Sara had a very traumatizing event happen to us on 4/13/17 while walking my 4 Leashed dogs.

2 massive PIT BULLS came and attacked what ended up being us and my 2 small dachshunds.


1 of the pit bulls grabbed my baby by the throat while my hand was there and attacked me and my dog --- the other came from nowhere and tried to finish the job when my 20 year old daughter tried to hold it off -- which was impossible -- when my one baby was thought to be dead they started to chase my other dachshund.

We thought my dachshund was dead and went to try to stop them from mauling my other baby -- when I realized my Meredith was still alive but barely breathing --- my other dachshund has bites but is ok, but I use that loosely.

(My bills are $4000 as of now and my baby isn't out of the woods by any means--my daughter and I have injuries that are bad as well--unable to work and do have pain--(not as much as my baby in the vet hosp--who is on a fentanyl drip.)

It is $1500 a day to keep Mer in the ICU and she needs abdominal surgery when she is stable enough, Please help us so we can keep fighting for our baby !!

GoFundMe Link: Meredith's Pitbull Attack Vet Bills
Created April 14, 2017
Sara Spencer