Friday, April 28, 2017

Australia: Puppy mill breeder Joanne McIntyre, 58, found guilty of animal cruelty

AUSTRALIA -- Ears so infected they're unrecognizable, feces dangling loose from fur, hair matted to disgusting lengths and filth caked down an entire hallway.

These are just some of the horrific conditions inside an illegal puppy farm recently shut down by the RSPCA at Yerrinbool, in southern New South Wales.

Horrific pictures detail the squalor 31 dogs were forced to live in at the home of dog breeder Joanne McIntyre, 58, was found guilty of three charges of animal neglect and cruelty, and fined close to $24,000.


Images highlighting the disgusting state the disheveled animals were found in have been released by the RSPCA in an effort to raise awareness of puppy farms.

Among the worst of the photos captured of the dogs are shots showing the infected ear of one animal.

Red and puss-filled, the swollen ear has black oozing out of it. A photo of the other ear shows it's also infected, with a hard yellow crust clearly visible on the outside.


A yellow and green crust can also be seen around the eyes of another puppy, who is seemingly in immense pain.

Dozens of dogs also have long, mangy hair covering their faces. Others have nails so overgrown their paws are indistinguishable.

Photos from throughout the home show hallways littered with dirt, ripped dog beds, dog bowls, feces and utter filth.

In addition to issuing a fine and banning Ms McIntyre from owning dogs for the next five years, Magistrate Michael Stoddart labelled the conditions 'distressing'.

'It is hard to understand how someone who apparently cares for animals could let it get to this stage,' he said.

'Most people would be appalled by your [Ms McIntyre's] conduct… it is just as well the RSPCA turned up.'

The property where the puppies were being farmed was inspected after a tip-off to the RSPCA by a member of the public.


While the photos show the devastation inside the home, RSPCA NSW Inspector-In-Charge Jean Sprague said experiencing it firsthand was 'horrendous'.

'The stench inside the home was nauseating and the extreme squalor and filth was really horrendous,' Mr Sprague said.

'Breathing was difficult and our eyes immediately started to water and sting with the strong fumes of ammonia. All windows were shut and the floor was covered in feces and urine.'

(Daily Mail - April 28, 2017)

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