Friday, April 21, 2017

California: Michael Scott,29, who terrorized his neighbors by killing their pets, gets six years in prison

CALIFORNIA -- A convicted dog killer received a maximum term of six years four months in jail for killing his 9-year-old neighbor's dog and shooting his neighbor's cat.

Michael Scott, 29, of Oroville, was convicted after a jury trial in December of 2016 for two counts of animal cruelty and two weapon enhancements.

After that conviction, Scott pled no contest to two additional felony counts of willfully failing to appear in court and submitting false medical documents to the court.

The 9-year-old neighbor had received the dog as a present when she was five after surviving cancer. Superior Court Judge Michael Deems said, “the defendant’s crimes demonstrated great violence, cruelty, and viciousness.”

Judge Deems denied the defendant’s request for probation noting the defendant showed “no remorse” and “poses a danger to society.”

Scott shot his next door neighbors’ small female Jack Russell Terrier named Roxy repeatedly with a pellet gun before eventually killing the dog.

Scott said that he was upset that the dog would come into his back yard and bark at him.

RIP Roxy

Court documents showed that  Scott cornered Roxy and shot her multiple times, sometimes at point-blank range. 

Roxy was able to escape from this attack and returned to her owner’s house, where Michael Scott again cornered her, placed her in a blue bin, and threw her over the fence back onto his property. 

Roxy died in Scott’s garage, where he continued to shoot her to death. 

He later threw Roxy’s body into the Thermalito Forebay.

Scott was also convicted for shooting neighborhood cats, which Animal Control said stopped after the defendant's arrest and seizure of his weapon.

(KRCTV - Mar 23, 2017)


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