Friday, April 28, 2017

Canada: Animal Control Officer uses soap to free fat beaver stuck in a fence

CANADA -- A fat beaver stuck in a wrought-iron fence was rescued this week by a quick-thinking animal services officer.

The adult beaver, still carrying excess fat from winter hibernation, was found stuck between two fence bars around noon Tuesday on a private property in Hamilton, city spokesperson Ann Lamanes said in a release.

Officer Sarah Mombourquette used soap to free the beaver, which suffered some injuries.

After resting at the city’s animal services shelter and snacking on some vegetables, the beaver is recovering at the Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge in Jarvis, Ont., and is expected to eventually be released back into the wild.

Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge added 3 new photos.
April 25 at 7:47pm ·
Great rescue on the part of City of Hamilton Animal Services today. Officer Sarah freed this juvenile beaver from this precarious situation with the help of Dawn dish soap.

The beaver has a lot of swelling around the hips and I suspect soft tissue damage to it's spinal region. We will have it checked out by our vets from Haldimand Animal Hospital tomorrow.

I was pleasantly surprised that after the exam and administration of pain medication the beaver showed interest in the food I put out for it.

We hope for a speedy recovery so that this guy can soon rejoin his or her family. Beavers have a tight band with their family and kits stay with their parents for up to 3 years.

Soon coming to a yard or pond near you: Hobbitstee volunteers picking tree branches and water plants...


(The Star - April 26, 2017)

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