Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ohio: Child attacked by pit bull in 2011 at same address where man killed by pit bull

OHIO -- In light of Tuesday’s fatal dog attack, Dayton police reports indicate a previous dog attack occurred at the same address in 2011.

It is not known at this time if this is the same dog or dog owner involved as Tuesday’s fatal mauling.

In the December 2011 incident, a nine-year-old girl was playing in a yard at 345 Middle Street and was attacked by a labrador/pit bull mix, according to a police report filed by the mother.

The mother reported to police the child received 50 stitches and a rabies shot as a result. The child was bitten on her left calf, left upper arm and right upper leg.

The child lived on nearby North Williams Street.

The owner of the dog in this 2011 attack was identified as a 55-year-old man that lived on West Riverview Avenue. He told police he had gotten rid of the dog by dropping it near the Humane Society.

Multiple times in 2008 and 2012, a dog owner at the same 345 Middle Street was cited for not having a license for his two dogs, both listed as male pit bulls, according to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

We are not identifying that dog owner because it is not known if he is the same owner or dogs involved in Tuesday’s deadly dog attack.

In 2015, a complaint was made regarding the welfare of the man’s dogs. An animal resource center employee checked and found both dogs healthy.

He was again warned that he needed to get a dog license.

(Dayton Daily News - April 25, 2017)


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