Monday, April 24, 2017

Pennsylvania: Michael Frye arrested after 12 animals removed from disgusting house. His father Jeff Frye facing charges as well.

PENNSYLVANIA -- Several animals were removed from a filthy home in New Alexandria on Thursday.

The animals were noticed when the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Department went there to serve a warrant.

They found garbage covering the floor, and nine dogs and three cats living in the deplorable conditions.

Michael Frye talked to KDKA’s cameras. He said he’s sorry for the living conditions the animals were in.

“I wasn’t able to take care of them for the last few months,” Frye said.

“There’s feces, cat, dog. There’s cat, dog urine strewn about the house. There’s garbage,” said Cyndi Price, of the Humane Society of Westmoreland County. “Half gallon jugs laying everywhere. Old beds with springs hanging out where one of the dogs was. I’m surprised the dog hadn’t been hurt in that room.”

A sheriff’s deputy was called to the home to serve warrants for traffic tickets.

“Upon coming to this house, it was immediately evident there was a serious animal cruelty issue here. First off, on the smell,” said Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Jonathan Held.

Frye lived at the home with his father, Jeff Frye.

The two face animal cruelty charges.

The sheriff says Michael’s girlfriend (Candice Clemens) may also face charges since she knew about the conditions.

Michael Frye's girlfriend said one of the female dogs delivered puppies in February but that they had gotten rid of the puppies. Facebook posts indicate the puppies were for sale.

Apparently the dogs were rampantly breeding. They had a litter of puppies they were trying to get $150 each for in February, but just 3 months earlier, they had other puppies they were selling.

The Fryes surrendered the animals to authorities.

Michael says they’ve been living in the conditions for the past six months. He says he’s been sick and his dad is disabled.

“I never intended for anything to happen like that,” he said. “I just got overwhelmed.”

The pit bulls and pit bull/boxer mixes were taken away to the Humane Society of Westmoreland County, Action for Animals in Derry and Hoffman Kennels to be housed until they’re cleaned up and adopted out.

(KDKA - Apr 20, 2017)