Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pennsylvania: Woman in critical condition after protecting her daughter from pit bull attack at "no-kill" shelter

PENNSYLVANIA -- A woman and a young child are recovering after being attacked by a dog in Washington County Sunday night.

The incident happened at the Angel Ridge Animal Rescue in Chartiers Township.

There was no activity at the shelter on Monday; hours after investigators say a pit bull attacked a woman and her 4-year-old daughter. Her 7-year-old daughter was also there, but escaped injury.

Amanda Welch, the sister of the woman, said the pit bull bit the 4-year-old above her eye. The mother was attacked as she tried to stop the dog, which bit both of her arms, breaking one of them.

“I stepped outside and hollered for the lady to see if she as all right and she didn’t answer, so I screamed again and that’s when I saw the dog just flop her,” said Justin Killion, who rescued the victims.

Killion lives on the same property, but has no affiliation with the rescue site. He told KDKA-TV that his daughter called him for help because she believed the female victim was in trouble.

“When I got there, I beat the dog off of her, and I took my belt off, tried to get tourniquets,” said Killion. “Both arms were just… the bone was sticking out, and the other arm was just mangled.”

Killion describes the dog as relentless and vicious. He says the scene was so bloody, he couldn’t hold on to the dog to try and make him stop, so he hit the animal and tried to grab him around the neck.

The victim’s two children had run away by then, one with a bite wound to the head. But Killion says it was their mother he was most concerned about.

“The dog was relentless after her. I never got bit,” Killion said. “He wasn’t going to stop; he was fixing to kill her.”

This is typical of pit bull type dogs - although sometimes they'll swing around and bite the people trying to stop the attack, most of the time the dog is so focused on the chosen victim that despite people beating it with shovels, baseball bats, tire irons, metal poles, pieces of wood, bricks, etc. they continue to attack its chosen victim until it is either killed by the beating or someone arrives with a gun to shoot it to death.

The woman was taken to Allegheny General Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

A person associated with the facility tells KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland that the executive director of the facility is still gathering the facts about the situation and will release a statement soon.

The dog has since been euthanized.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help pay for medical expenses.

GoFundMe link: Angels Arms
Created April 10, 2017
Jennifer Farr-Smith

To all helping hands, my sister n law Kylie and her 4 year old daughter Emaly we're brutally attacked by a Pit bull while volunteering at an Animal Shelter this past weekend.

Emaly had 1 puncture wound an over her eyebrow and a deep scratch behind her ear,  but Kylie is in critical condition with multiple damages to both arms and hands, she will be undergoing multiple surgeries and endless healing time.

Kylie and her fiance will both be out of work due to her injuries, they have 5 children to care for and will need any help they can get. Please open your hearts to our family in need.

(CBS Pittsburgh - April 10, 2017)


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