Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Australia: Emaciated horse found abandoned in the forest

AUSTRALIA -- A photo of an emaciated horse shared to a Fraser Coast social media page has sparked a surge of outrage in the community.

The horse, which has been named Owen, was found in the Tuan forestry near Maryborough by two women who are now trying to bring him back to full health.

Maryborough's Kara Mielczarek and Hervey Bay's Ashley McGrath found Owen and are now caring for him at Kara's property.

A post made to their page, Owen the Rescue Horse, said they were fortunate to have some rope in the car and they were able to make a temporary halter and load him into a float.

They say he needs a vet to see his teeth and hooves and he also has open wounds that need to be addressed,

Ashley said the RSPCA and the council have been notified about the horse.

The council's Fraser Coast Pets Facebook page shared a photo of Owen in the hopes of finding his owner.

The post attracted dozens of comments and more than 170 "reactions" with many expressing their concern at the state Owen was found in.

Ashley said Owen was very malnourished but he was being fed several times a day.

The two women said they believe Owen was about 18 years old.

Ashley said Owen was already starting to perk up after having been in care for just a few days.

To make a donation to support Owen's care, contact Hucknall Horse Rescue on 0413 507 738 or 0422 280 381.

The Chronicle has contacted the council and the RSPCA for a response regarding the horse.

GoFundMe link: Rescue Horse Owen

(Fraser Coast Chronicle - April 27, 2017)

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