Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Australia: Two pit bulls attack elderly Jack Russell, each grabbing an end of her trying to rip her in two

AUSTRALIA -- A 13-year-old Jack Russell could lose feeling in her back legs after being mauled by two American Staffordshire Pit Bull Terriers in front of her family.

Toni Cowie said she was walking with her son and dog, Jackie, in south-east Melbourne on Monday afternoon when the two pit bulls  suddenly lunged at them.

'One was attacking her face and the other was attacking her legs,' the 34-year-old mother told 9News.


Ms Cowie said she helped fight off the pit bulls, injuring her knee in the process, and rushed Jackie to the vet.

Jackie has a broken leg and several horrific bite marks can be seen on her stomach and backside.


She may also have nerve damage and could lose the use of her hind legs.
Jackie will receive treatment at a vet clinic over the next few days, Leon Salter, who shares the dog with Ms Cowie, said.

I know this sounds dorky and I'm sure non-Americans roll their eyes whenever we say things like this, but the video clip interview with Leon Salter is awesome. He sounds like Crocodile Dundee :) He says that the pit bull owner manned up and came over to apologize to him.

I couldn't figure out how to embed it but here's the direct link to the video clip on Nine News Melbourne if you want to watch it.


The pit bulls have been seized by the City Council of Casey and an investigation is ongoing.

It is believed the pit bulls escaped from a gated yard.


'It's not good enough dogs like of that nature should be muzzled and behind gates,' Ms Cowie said.

'I love her. I'm shattered. I'm shattered that at the age of 13 she has to go through this,' Mr Salter added.

(Daily Mail - April 18, 2017)

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