Tuesday, May 2, 2017

California: Elderly Dachshund struggling to survive after being attacked by three dogs

CALIFORNIA -- Roberta Rhea King posted on Facebook May 1, 2017

My sister's 11 yr old Weiner dog, Oscar, is a tough little guy after attacked by three loose neighbor dogs, one being a Pit Bull that got Oscar by the throat.

Neighbor got his Pit Bull off by grasping the jaws open. My sister didn't have the heart to put Oscar down and she, herself, survived stitches on her lip with a swollen face while Oscar is surviving 2 surgeries at the Vet. hospital.

I can't post her photo, too personal. She was just taking Oscar for a walk on his leash.

Roberta Rhea King - Yes, she flung herself on Oscar to try and protect him from Pit Bull and she got bit on the lip. Another neighbor hauled her and Oscar (pretty bloody) to the Animal hospital first and her to Urgent Care for stitches. Quite a mess. Don't know the complete outcome yet.

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