Friday, May 26, 2017

Kentucky: Pit bull attacks guy in face because he was petting it

Jeremy Bentley posted on Facebook May 20, 2017 ·

This is what happens when u try to be nice to ur neighbors fukn dog — at UK HealthCare.

Melissa Ritchie - His vision is ok but he has to have surgery.

Jess Hollifield - Kill that mf dog

Tena Francis Halcomb - Kill me a dang dog

Carla Jones - I'm praying for you!

Rhonda Southwood - Omg that's awful! I'd kill the damn dog for sure!

Jeremy Bentley - I didn't do anything to the dog I didn't even think it was bad tell I got home and looked in the mirror

Jeremy Bentley - I was just petting on it and scratching it's belly