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Oklahoma: Purcell police officer Kyle Glasgow, reeking of alcohol and slurring his words, falls off his motorcycle, shoots his neighbor's dog then drives home, gets his patrol car and returns to speak with officers who don't make him do a field sobriety test

OKLAHOMA -- Kyle Glasgow, a Purcell police officer has been charged after he allegedly shot a dog with his service weapon, leaving a family pet bloodied and injured.

“It caught this leg, and hopefully if I can keep the infection out of his joint, he won’t lose his paw,” the dog’s owner told KFOR in Oct. 2016.


Champion sustained a gunshot wound on his foot, where he was allegedly shot by Purcell Police Officer Richard Kyle Glasgow.

“They said that he fell over on his motorcycle and that he had shot my dog, Champion,” the dog’s owner said.

Glasgow lives nearby and has been known to complain about the dog running out into the road, but witnesses say that wasn’t this case this time.

“He fell over and then he took his gun and then shot twice,” Champion’s owner said.

Officers arrived and while speaking to the dog owners, Glasgow pulls up in his police-issued unmarked black Dodge Charger.

Clearly this was an effort to gain favor with the deputies on-scene.

A sheriff’s report states Officer Glasgow had slurred speech and deputies could smell a strong odor of alcohol.

It also stated the officer used his police issued gun to fire one shot into the ground and another shot at Champion.

Deputies believe Glasgow was intoxicated.

“They heard two shots and then the dog yelped,” the owner said.


According to the report, the officer was not arrested. Nor does it appear that he was given a field sobriety test on-scene after the deputies had probable cause to believe that he was impaired from alcohol and had been observed driving.

Instead, the deputies called their supervisors at the McClain County Sheriff’s Office who then called the Purcell Police Department. The Purcell Police Department sent Assistant Police Chief Bobby Elmore out to the scene.

When he arrived, one of the deputies told Purcell Police Department Assistant Police Chief Bobby Elmore that HE BELIEVED GLASGOW WAS INTOXICATED, according to the report. 

Again, no one made Glasgow do a field sobriety test. Instead, someone from the Purcell Police Department was called to come and get his unmarked police car AND INTOXICATED OFFICER KYLE GLASGOW was driven home.

Instead of being arrested for DWI, Purcell Police
Officer Kyle Glasgow was driven home by his boss

Later, after all the incriminating evidence related to the DWI (and shooting his police-issued gun while intoxicated) was eliminated from the equation, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation was called to investigate the shooting of the dog.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Officer Kyle Glasgow was ONLY charged with one count of reckless conduct with a firearm.  And why Officer Kyle Glasgow wasn't immediately fired.

Think about all the things Glasgow did that are being swept under the rug by the Purcell Police Department and the McClain County Sheriff’s Office is this:
  1. Glasgow was drunk while riding on his motorcycle.
  2. Glasgow had his police-issued weapon on him while driving drunk.
  3. Glasgow discharged his police-issued service weapon while drunk.
  4. Glasgow got back on his bike and drove while intoxicated back to his house.
  5. Glasgow got into his police-issued, unmarked patrol car and drove - while intoxicated - back to the scene in an attempt to sway favor with the responding deputies. 
  6. On top of being intoxicated and driving his police-issued vehicle, he was also still carrying his police-issued service weapon.
  7. Despite the deputies noting that he was clearly reeking of alcohol, slurring his speech and intoxicated, they failed to do a standard field sobriety test on him.
  8. When Purcell Police Department Assistant Police Chief Bobby Elmore arrived, the McClain County Sheriff’s Office deputy informed him that he believed Glasgow to be intoxicated. Purcell Police Department Assistant Police Chief Bobby Elmore neither instructed the deputies to conduct a field sobriety test nor did he instruct Glasgow to submit to one. 
  9. Instead, Purcell Police Department Assistant Police Chief Bobby Elmore made arrangements for Glasgow to be driven home and for someone else to retrieve the unmarked police car. Ask yourself? If he was too drunk to drive the police car back to his house, why wasn't he arrested for DWI? If Purcell Police Department Assistant Police Chief Bobby Elmore wants to say that Glasgow was NOT intoxicated, that the McClain County Sheriff’s Office deputy was wrong in his belief that Glasgow was intoxicated, why didn't they let Glasgow drive the unmarked police vehicle back home? You can't have it both ways.
  10. When they took his vehicle, was his service weapon taken as well? Again, if Glasgow were too drunk to drive, why was he allowed to retain his service weapon?
  11. Why hasn't Glasgow been fired? He broke numerous laws as well as numerous General Orders. 
I'm a big supporter of our military and police. Yes, there are times that dogs are shot and it's clear that the officer was defending himself/herself. However, what upsets me so much about this whole case is that this isn't even about whether or not the dog was doing something that warranted it being shot. This is all about corruption with the Purcell Police Department and the McClain County Sheriff’s Office.

If you were Glasgow's neighbors and you observed all this special treatment for Glasgow, would you have any faith in your local sheriff's office? If you were standing out there after your dog had been shot by Kyle Glasgow and he shows up in front of the deputies in his unmarked police vehicle and is staggering around, slurring his words and reeking of alcohol, wouldn't you have expected for him to be arrested and taken to jail? Wouldn't you be absolutely livid to see them treat him like a VIP's son and take him home to sober up, instead of taking him to jail?

Would you feel that your neighbor Kyle Glasgow has just been emboldened into thinking he can do whatever he wants and get away with it? Would you be worried about retaliation and harassment from him and other members of the Purcell Police Department?

If I were them, I would certainly be worried.



TR Cardiac Tony Swinney - As far as Glasgow’s current employment status, a Purcell PD spokesperson said that is a personnel matter that he is not at liberty to discuss.

NOTICE THE WORD "PERSONNEL", NOT "PERSONAL". That means it concerns an employee matter, not a privacy of the cop matter. The department can't comment because it could impair the investigation.

My question is this, he admitted to leaving the scene of an accident, he was carrying a service weapon while under the influence, he drove a motor vehicle not once, but twice while under the influence AND ONE OF THOSE TIMES WAS A CITY-OWNED VEHICLE! If he exhibited signs of being under the influence, why was he not tested at the scene?

John Cooksey - If he laid his bike over , how did escape physical injury? Was there damage to the bike? If allegations were made that the dog caused an accident, officers should have investigated further, and on his bike or in a police unit, if he was impaired , or the officer on scene smelled alcohol, tests should have been given , if he was dui, he should have been arrested. They dropped the ball on this , hope OSBI can help rectify this unjust action.

Donna Trustnoone Clevenger - If it had been a regular civilian And they smelled of Alcohol while driving they would have been taken to jail for DUI And he was driving a unmarked cop car ??? Guess it's ok for the ones who are supposed to serve and protect us !!! SMH

Bryan Stapp -Police aren't out there to protect and serve you. They are out there to uphold the law. You should read the article again. He was driving a motorcycle and laid it over when the dog ran out in front of him. He then showed up in the unmarked car.

Donna Trustnoone Clevenger - Bryan Stapp First of all Yes They Are and it even says it on the POLICE CAR. And Regardless he was still driving a POLICE CAR while smelling of Alcohol. And should have been taken to jail.

William Shelton - Bryan Stapp, so you're justifying what this cretin did? Why does that not surprise me?

Gregory Standforth - The OSBI won't find that the officer did anything wrong. Cops _always_ cover for cops. The cop could have shot the dog and the homeowner and the OSBI would find "reasonable cause" for the shooting. In this case the bully wears a badge and a gun and he'll be allowed to continue as long as he chooses. When those who are charged with keeping the peace become the aggressors we truly have a police state.

Ken Stet - Personal matter, what a bunch of crap. The police are so bold they continue to thumb their nose at the public. Make some time between the incident and when they will come back with the officer did no wrong doing. Enough is enough. The people need to start investigating especially if the officer in charge starts saying crap like i wont comment its a personal matter.

Donna Barnes Newsom - I come from very pro law enforcement family and background. I don't condone nor appreciate stupid and/or bad cops. Our law officers have a tough enough time without idiots like this!

(KFOR - March 28, 2017)


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