Monday, May 1, 2017

Michigan: Man whose pit bull mauled his parents two weeks ago, at the house they all share, is allowed to go back home. Today, the dog tries to finish what he started -- seriously mauling both of them

MICHIGAN -- A Roseville couple viciously mauled on Sunday by a pit bull owned by the woman's son were attacked by the same dog two weeks ago, police say.

The woman had been hospitalized in the earlier incident, while the man was treated for dog bites and released, Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said Monday.

He said the woman's son, who owns the dog, was issued two tickets at the time, but they apparently let the dog remain in the home.

Then on Sunday night, the dog again attacked the couple while the son was away, Berlin said, critically injuring both of them. The woman's condition was upgraded to serious condition Monday afternoon, but the man -- who police found unconscious inside the home with "horrific" wounds -- remained listed in critical condition, Berlin said.

"This attack is one of the most vicious any of our officers have ever seen," Berlin said. "Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims. They have a long, long road back."

Roseville police responded at around 9pm Sunday to a report of a dog mauling and found a 52-year-old woman covered in blood outside a home in the 30000 block of Normal Street.

She said she was attacked by her 28-year-old son's dog and officers then found the woman's 51-year-old husband lying unconscious in the living room and bleeding profusely from his wounds.

Police say the one-year-old male pit bull suspected in the mauling was 'extremely aggressive' and wouldn't allow emergency crews to get past, so they distracted the animal by banging on the rear door of the residence.

Rescuers tried to remove the severely injured man from the home and the dog returned, so they used a stun gun on the animal to subdue it long enough to extract the male victim from the house.

The husband and wife were taken to a hospital with bites to their faces and arms. The man was later airlifted to the University of Michigan Hospital in "extremely critical condition", and both have undergone surgeries.

Berlin said authorities are not exactly sure why the mauling occurred Sunday or what provoked the attack. He did not know if the couple was able to fight back in any way.

He said the woman went to the next-door neighbor screaming for help for the man in the house. The unidentified neighbor went to the home, trying from the front door to get the dog away from the man inside. The dog would not allow the neighbor to enter the house.

Berlin said the male victim must have tried to make it to the front door to escape, almost making it.

'This attack is one of the most vicious any of our officers have ever seen,' said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin, according to Detroit Free Press.

Police say the pit bull and another dog were captured by Macomb County animal control officers. Berlin said that he was told the second dog also is a pit bull.

It is unknown what will happen to the second dog. Berlin said investigators want to try to talk with the victims to determine whether that dog played any role in the attack.

The dog was euthanized Monday and sent to Lansing to be checked for rabies, Berlin said. He said the dog's owner signed off on the dog being euthanized.

The incident comes two weeks after the Roseville couple had been attacked by the same pit bull and required hospitalization. The son didn't do anything or get rid of the dog, Berlin said, adding that the son wasn't home during either attack. He did not know how long the son had been living in the home.

Their 28-year-old son - the dog's owner - was issued two tickets in connection to that earlier mauling for harboring a dangerous animal and failure to license his dog. The son was not home during Sunday's attack.

Berlin said the son got the pit bull when it was just a puppy, about a couple months old, back in August. He said the son is the dog's owner and the dog is unlicensed. Berlin said that he was not aware of any other problems with the dog - other than the attack that happened about two weeks ago. He said the citations from the prior incident are still pending.

Berlin said in the incident two weeks ago, the woman was going to feed the dog, which was in a crate, when she was attacked.

Prosecutors will review the case to determine is any charges will be filed in this case.

(Daily Mail - May 1, 2017)

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