Monday, May 29, 2017

Nebraska: Mother sues after pit bull attack on her child at Sheridan playground

NEBRASKA -- The mother of a Sheridan Elementary student bit by a dog attacked by a Pit Bull on the school's playground last year has sued Lincoln Public Schools and the dog's owners.

Jena Lambert and her daughter, Olivia, who was a kindergartner at the time,
were at the playground after school April 4, 2016, when the dog, a pit bull mix, got close enough to the girl to bite grab her and start attacking her. The dog was on a leash.

Lambert and her daughter were left with more than $20,000 in medical-related expenses after the girl was attacked bit, then the mother [was also attacked] when she tried to intervene, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in Lancaster County District Court.

Attorney John Weis said they suffered multiple dog bite wounds to their hands and to the girl's stomach.  Her daughter had to endure multiple surgeries to remove damaged tissue from the mauling.


Lambert also explained that her family has felt a backlash from the outcome of the attack, being blamed for the euthanization of the animal. A notion she is willing to argue.

"It's not that little girls fault that she was attacked. Those owners made a decision to take that dog into a place where it did not belong and those owners made the decision that created the situation that caused that dog to need to be destroyed, and that shouldn't be laid at my family's feet," Lambert said.

The lawsuit names LPS, as well as the dog's owners, Kristine Griffin, a paraprofessional at the school, and her husband, Brian Griffin.

In the suit, Weis alleges LPS failed to enforce its rule of not allowing dogs on the playground and failed to properly train its employees.

The Lamberts are seeking their expenses, plus damages for their pain and suffering.


(Lincoln Journal Star - May 26, 2017)