Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New York: Thomas Skuza and his son Thomas Skuza Jr. arrested, accused of starving their pit bulls

NEW YORK -- A father and son were arrested Tuesday for allegedly depriving their dogs of food and water for so long that the animals’ bones were showing through their skin, according to the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Thomas Charles Skuza, 62, and his son Thomas Charles Skuza Jr., 30, both of Massapequa, each face a misdemeanor charge of failure to provide proper sustenance, the agency said.

Both dogs were found at the Skuzas’ home on North Queens Avenue with their ribs, spine and hips visible, said Nassau County SPCA detectives. They were dehydrated with sunken eyes and poor skin elasticity.

The dogs, named Romeo and Damian, were taken to an animal hospital for initial stabilization and supportive care. Both dogs were underweight with muscle wasting.

Romeo was found to have a metallic foreign object in his stomach, which could create life-threatening complications, the SPCA said.

A passerby spotted the dogs while they were outside and called in a complaint to the SPCA, leading the agency to the home, according to a spokesman.

Romeo and Damian will need extensive care, and most likely have to undergo surgery. Anyone wishing to help can visit helpstarvingdogs.ncspca.us.

The dogs will be put up for adoption. Inquiries about adopting them can be sent to adopt@ncspca.us.

(Pix11 - May 16, 2017)

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