Monday, May 15, 2017

North Carolina: Raleigh police help rescue hawk stuck in truck grille

NORTH CAROLINA -- An unlucky hawk got stuck in the grille of a U-Haul truck over the weekend, according to a witness who watched as a Raleigh police officer worked to free the bird.

Leslie Ansley, who posted photos of the hawk rescue on social media, said she pulled over when she saw the hawk stuck in the truck on New Hope Road in Southeast Raleigh Saturday a little after noon.

She said a police officer and an animal control officer were able to get the hawk free. In an interview Monday she said, “I saw this hawk fly away.”

She said she was on her way home Saturday around noon when she saw “a U-Haul with a huge wingspan across the grille.”

In the photo the hawk, most likely a red tail, has it’s legs caught in the grille of the large U-Haul truck.

(News & Observer - May 15, 2017)

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