Friday, May 12, 2017

Ohio: Three aggressive Pit bulls attack woman's tethered dog on its own property

OHIO -- Washington County (OH) Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook
May 11, 2017 at 4:16pm ·


On 7 May 17 Sgt. McGilton received a complaint from a resident on Mill Branch Road, Belpre, advising a Rottweiler dog was running loose. The dog was believed to be owned by Patrick Shane Wilson, 1171 Mill Branch Road. It was reported the dog ran loose from the Wilson property and ran onto the property of another. The property owner reported it was an ongoing issue with the dog, and caused him to not be able to let his own dog outside.

On 8 May 17 Sgt. McGilton made contact with Patrick Shane Wilson who admitted his dog did get loose from his property the previous day. Wilson advised he was attempting to train his dog using an electric fence when the dog got loose. Wilson stated his dog was only loose for approximately 30 seconds.

A summons will be issued to Patrick Shane Wilson for failing to restrain his dog through Marietta Municipal Court.

On 8 May 17 Sgt. McGilton was dispatched to the area of Sparling Road, Waterford, in reference to three Pit bull dogs running loose. 

The complainant stated these dogs were aggressive and attacked his/her dog, which was tied outside. It was further related that the dogs were also chasing the complainant’s chickens and charged at the complainant. 

Sgt. McGilton was advised that the owner of the dogs, Andrew K. Porter, age 28, 545 Stapf Road, Waterford, had picked up the dogs and transported them back to his residence.

Sgt. McGilton met with Porter at his home and he confirmed that he was the owner of the three dogs and that they did get loose. Porter further stated the dogs were outside unrestrained when they took off from his property. Porter also has not had a chance to register the dogs and was given five days to get that taken care of. A citation for failure to restrain was issued to Porter.

Doesn't Washington County have vicious dog laws? These Pit Bulls ATTACKED HER DOG WHICH WAS TIED UP AND COULDN'T GET AWAY.