Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pennsylvania: Toddler hospitalized following pit bull attack, gets more than 50 stitches to his face; owner given dog back afterwards

PENNSYLVANIA -- A toddler who was attacked in the face by a dog is being treated at Children’s Hospital.

The 15-month-old boy and his parents were walking to dinner Friday on North Chestnut Street in Butler when the pit bull went after the boy.

“The dog came out of nowhere and attacked my son," said Claude Taylor, the boy’s father. "My fiancĂ© grabbed my son and wrapped her legs around the dog. I ripped the dog’s jaws apart.”

The baby had a deep bite mark to the left side of his head and face, so severe, he ended up with more than 50 stitches.

"The dog almost locked on my son. And if he had locked on my son, my son would be dead, said his dad.

This father understands about pit bulls "locking" on to victims. Maybe they don't have different jaws that lock, but it's the breed that doesn't bite and retreat like most dogs. They grab and hold, like a lion grabbing a gazelle by the neck and suffocating. Or they grab, hold and shake to break the victim's neck.

The owner of the pit bull says he's "extremely sorry", but that it's not his fault. His pit bull jumped out of his FOUR-FOOT TALL chain link fence to attack the baby.

"You need to be in control of your dog at all times, no matter what. You're responsible for them no matter what they do," said police.


Despite the horrific, vicious attack police allowed the owner to take his dog back home with instructions to quarantine it for 10 days. Police say they "just don't have anywhere to place these animals" so it gets to stay home while the dog warden investigates.

Clearly the owner of the pit bull isn't "extremely sorry" or he would have done the right thing and put the dog down.

(WPXI - May 8, 2017)

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