Thursday, June 8, 2017

Florida: Two girls attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull mix in Riviera Beach

FLORIDA -- Tyleah Brown, 15, and Tamaya Jackson, 9, are nursing their wounds after they were attacked by a neighbor's pit-bull mix Thursday night.

It happened in the 2300 block of Z Terrace.


The girls said they were walking to another home to get candy when they took a short cut to make it to another street.

They said the dog was tied to the a homeowner's back door.

"And that's when the dog ran towards us and popped (the leash) and came towards us more," Brown said.

Brown said she ran.

Jackson said the dog came after her and knocked her to the ground.

"As soon as I fell, that's when he started biting me," Jackson said.

The dog bit Jackson on her shoulder.

Jackson said the animal scratched her leg and bit her hand.

Both girls were treated at the hospital.

Jackson's mother said she tried to remain calm when she received a call at work.

She said she doesn't want the dog in the neighborhood.

"I wouldn't want nobody child to go through this because this is the worst feeling ever," Yolanda Jackson said.

Palm Beach Animal Care and Control spokesman, Captain Dave Walesky said the dog, named "Tiger," is at their facility in West Palm Beach under a 10-day quarantine to determine if it has rabies.

He said the owner did not bother to get her dog vaccinated against rabies.

"In this case, the animal broke off a tether and it's actually illegal to leave your dog outside on a tether in Palm Beach County unless your'e sitting there watching it."

The dog's owner did not want to talk with WPBF 25 News when we knocked on her door.


(WPBF - June 2, 2017)

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