Saturday, June 3, 2017

(May 2017) South Carolina: Joseph Floyd, 20, and Zachary Brown, 21, arrested after shocking pictures emerge showing the heartless suspects torturing a baby alligator for fun

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Two men have been charged with harassing a baby alligator after they forced the helpless animal's jaws open and made it drink beer.

Shocking images show the suspects prying the reptile's jaws open as they pour beer down its throat.

They added this caption, believing themselves to be so
clever. Instead, most people who saw this were horrified
and disgusted with Joseph Floyd Jr and Zachary Brown

The two men captured the sickening act on  Snapchat before the images were uploaded to Facebook.

Joseph Andrew Floyd (Joe Floyd, Joseph Floyd Jr.), 20, and Zachary Lloyd Brown (Zack Brown), 21, both of Ridgeland, were each charged with harassment of an alligator, The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said on Friday.

They admitted to officers that they picked up the alligator after they saw it crossing the a public dirt road between Hardeeville and Tillman in Jasper County.

They then poured beer into the animal’s mouth and took photos to post on social media.

According to Floyd Jr., they CLAIMED they released the alligator and watched it swim away in a nearby pond.

The pair now face a maximum $300 fine. 

The shocking photographs which were posted on Snapchat show an 18-to-20 inch alligator being held by an individual as its jaws are forced open.

Another image shows someone blowing smoke into the alligator's mouth – what's known as 'shotgun' style.

The images are more horrifying because the people involved are seen squeezing the gator's throat.

'The photos were uploaded onto Snapchat by one of the kids doing harm to the animal, people saw it, got angry and they did screen shots of the images,' said Kyndel McConchie of the SC Department of Natural Resources.

Since Kyndel McConchie is referring to two men, ages 20 and 21, as "kids" then I'll go ahead and add a "child is abuser" tag to this post.

'That's how it came to our attention.'

So far, authorities are not specifying where or when these incidents took place.

'It almost brought me to tears,' one disgusted person said in a Facebook post.

'People torturing a baby gator, pouring beer in its mouth, blowing smoke in its mouth, just being plain cruel....It literally made me sick to my stomach.'

That baby alligator is dead. There's no way they simply turned it loose when torturing it was so much fun for them. Children and adolescents who derive pleasure from the torment, torture, abuse and deaths of animals have serious psychological issues that need to be addressed immediately. 

(Daily Mail - May 26, 2017)