Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pennsylvania: Idiot Dylan Tressler posts photo of himself holding two ducks which were brutally killed; moron Josh Jenkins-Howenstine charged with animal cruelty

PENNSYLVANIA -- A disturbing photo that is circulating on social media shows a golfer holding up two dead ducks.

The ducks lived at Duck Hollow Golf Course in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.


"They are residents of the golf course, and they are well-known throughout the golf course community," said Trooper Robert Broadwater.

Duck Hollow Golf Course only had two white ducks. They were inseparable and wandered around the course, following the golfers every day.

"They do follow them around, back and forth to the club house, and back and forth to the parking lot," Broadwater said.

Now, the golfing community in Uniontown is outraged after a photo surfaced on social media, showing a golfer holding up the two ducks, which were killed over the weekend. There is speculation they were run over.

State police are actively investigating and did several interviews Tuesday.

WPXI spoke to Dylan Tressler, the man in the photo who said he and his family members are now receiving death threats. He confirmed he took the photo with the dead ducks, but claims he isn't the one who killed them; when he found them, he says they were already dead. He also said he regrets taking the photo.

Yeah I pick up dead things all the time, smile and pose for photos and then post these photos online. In fact, I came across a dead baby just yesterday. It was just lying there, totally dead, y'know? I picked it up, hung it upside down. It was soooo funny! LOL! 💀 😆😆😆😆😆😆 💀


A Duck Hollow Course official said that state police were immediately contacted, saying in part, "We had two ducks. The ducks and all of the wildlife are a part of what makes Duck Hollow a special place."

Troopers say they could file animal-cruelty charges.


Dylan Tressler was cleared of torturing and killing the ducks, but he's still guilty of being an odious jackass.

Police have said they have identified another man Josh Jenkins-Howenstine, aka Bubbie Jenkins, 21, of Uniontown, Pennsylvania as the suspect and they have arrested and charged him with cruelty to animals. Sources say he purposely ran down the ducks and killed them with a golf cart.

Of course, now Bubbie is telling the cops he was sh*tfaced drunk while driving a golf cart at Duck Hollow golf course and that he MAY have run over both ducks... but IF he did do it, it certainly wasn't intentional. IF he did do it, it would've been a complete accident. 

Yeah right. If you believe that, you also believe Kim Kardashian is "all natural".

Bubbie may want to get re-inked to add "and twelve jurors"

(The Palm Beach Post - June 6, 2017)