Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Texas: Game Warden warns Texans from 'saving' deer

TEXAS -- In some parts of Texas the deer population has taken over neighborhoods and personal properties but one Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden is warning residents not to 'save' these animals.

James Barge shared a photo of a fawn sitting on the passenger side of his pickup truck after having rescued it from a person's property.

"People will take these deer in and end up killing them," Barge said to "They mean well, but you can't treat fawns like domesticated animals. Feeding them cow's milk will kill them."

The Texas Game Warden took the photo to remind people to leave these young deer alone because their mothers are probably looking for food and will be back to get the fawns later.

"When deer lose their fear of people they end up getting aggressive as they get older," Barge said.

Barge said the resident did not receive a citation because he believed there was no intent to do anything illegal. "I took him at his word they didn't mean any harm to the fawn," Barge said.

Barge said if someone feels a fawn is in danger, the best thing to do is to call a Game Warden.

(Texas Chronicle - June 1, 2017)


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