Friday, June 16, 2017

Washington: Carolyn Lattin and Debbie Lattin, owners of Lattin’s Country Cider Mill and Farm, under investigation for animal cruelty as 17 goats confiscated

WASHINGTON -- Seventeen goats were removed from Lattin’s Country Cider Mill and Farm in Thurston County on Wednesday after a complaint about animal cruelty, a spokeswoman for the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

Several of the goats appeared to be limping or had hoof rot, Sgt. Carla Carter said.

The animals were removed from the farm about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and placed in the care of Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County.

The Olympian could not reach a representative of Hooved Animal Rescue on Thursday.

Farm owners Carolyn Lattin and Debbie Lattin defended the farm’s treatment of its animals, saying there have been animals on the property for more than 40 years. On the question of animal cruelty, Lattin was unequivocal.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” she said.

Lattin said they use a vaccine developed for sheep and goats that doesn’t always effectively treat hoof rot.

“We do care for our animals,” she said Thursday, adding that she was convinced the issue “will be resolved today.”

She also referred to a paperwork mixup and said the goats would be returned.

One or two of the goats are owned by someone other than Lattin, but Carter said otherwise the goats were not going back to the farm on Thursday.

Carter said a veterinarian has seen the animals and some are considered “lame,” she said, showing signs of hoof rot on one or more legs.

(The Olympian - June 15, 2017)