Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Delaware: The New Castle County Police Department's mounted patrol unit is made up of Clydesdales

DELAWARE -- Although there are numerous mounted patrol units around the country, I have never seen one consisting of nearly all Clydesdales and draft horses. Horses, of course, are always a draw to children and adults alike.. and when you see an officer on a 'Budweiser horse' it makes it even more special.

The New Castle County Police Department's Mounted Patrol Unit (MPU) was established in 1981 and is the only full-duty working mounted patrol in Delaware.

It deploys teams of officers and horses on a daily basis throughout New Castle County to enforce traffic laws, patrol high-crime neighborhoods, perform terrain searches, and aid in crowd control.

In addition, the public’s intrigue with the horses provides a unique opportunity for vital public relations within communities, local schools, businesses, and other organizations.

Happy July 4th!

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