Saturday, July 22, 2017

Florida: "Our Little Bit was killed today by a pit bull"

FLORIDA -- Peggy-Lue Martin-Eastburn posted on Facebook July 14, 2017 ·

Our Little Bit was killed today by a pit bull that has been running loose in our area..

Our old girl lived a sweet life. When she wanted in the house, she would push the door, so we could hear her.. when she wanted to be loved up you would not have a choice, but to stop and love her up😇, but most times she wanted to be left alone...

Nydia Vázquez-López - So sorry for your loss, love. xoxo

Roseann Schuttrumpf Wynter - So sorry Peggy

Jenna Martin - I'm so sorry to hear that auntie 😢

Marcus Martin - Oh

Melissa Cumberbatch - I am sorry Peggy. I hope the owner of the dog takes responsibility. I don't know how it is in Tampa but in Miami Dade those dogs need to be registered and if they are loose the owners are fined. I really hope they take responsibility. I would hate to see another animal hurt due to their actions.

Angie Socias - I'm so sorry for your loss! 😔

Rosemary Kurdyla Gajewski - So sorry .❤️

Monica Meccia - Sorry to read this Peggy and not all the pitbulls are bad dogs I believe that depends who is the owner