Saturday, July 15, 2017

Georgia: Woman complains to Pit Bull Facebook group how it's unfair that her neighbors and HOA "made her" get rid of her vicious Pit Bull

As you can see this is one giant paragraph so I broke it up to try to make it easier to read. 

This woman's problem is that she's got a vicious dog on her hands and yet she minimizes everything. It was an accident, it wasn't her fault, it just happened, blah, blah, blah. 

GEORGIA -- Dana Zoeckler posted on Facebook to I Love My Pit Bull July 14, 2017 ·

I'm sad to say but we were forced to get rid of our pit bull because of one accident, our neighbor and our HOA.

We literally just bought our house 3 months ago.

A few days after we closed on it the next door neighbors dog was barking at our puppy so our large pit bull ran over to most likely protect her but one board on our fence was on with one nail, so our pit was able to [pry] get the board off. The neighbor dog and my pit bit each other through the fence.

The neighbor seemed like he was cool about the incident he helped me put a different board on the fence since all our tools were still packed and my husband was at work.

However 2 months later my son forgot to latch the gate shut so 2 of our dogs got out front they went down the street and my pit pinned a dog down to the ground. The dog wasn't leashed like our HOA says.

When the owner came out front my pit let the dog go and walked away.

Then he came back to the house but saw the next door neighbors cat sitting out front no one knows for sure what happened only that the cat was injured and my dog had scratches all down the middle of his face, the neighbors grandson came to my door to get me.

I got my dogs inside and went to the cat I told the neighbor lady we need to get the cat to the vet she said she wasn't going to touch it because it might attack.

I went and got my cat carrier I was going to take the cat myself but when I returned her husband had come home, I told him we need to take the cat to the vet he said no we need to wait for the police. So we waited about 10 minutes in the meantime I said again the cat is hurting we need to take him the neighbor said no it was too late the cat is dying. I was already in tears and feeling horrible.

I'm calling BS on this. If the animal is mortally wounded you do NOT stick around for the police or animal control. You tell the neighbor, "I'm taking it to All Pets vet clinic on Elm Street" or whatever and leave them your number so the officer can contact you. You're seriously going to stand around waiting for the officer to show up while this animal is in horrendous pain, bleeding to death???

When the officer came he took their report then asked me for my id, the officer and I had to go next door to my house to get my id. While we were at my home the neighbor man took off in his truck with his cat and my cat carrier.

About 10-15 minutes later the neighbor returned, he dropped his truck tailgate, handed me my cat carrier and I saw a garbage bag then he told me the cat died on the way to the vet. I went home sobbing and with a ticket.

Four days later the neighbor man came to our door and told us not to worry, a cat is just a cat, they don't live long and his wife was allergic anyway.

Why would this man say that to her? He rushed his family's cat to the vet and yet it's no big deal because "it's just a cat". BS.

The very next day I was in the backyard with my dogs the neighbor man called me to the fence and told me if my dog sticks his head through the fence he will blow his effing head off with his 9 mm, he asked me if I understood he will blow my dogs effing brains out.

Then he said I thought you were going to get rid of that dog, he then told me if we don't get rid of the dog things will get really nasty in court. He went around the house and came to our door and told my husband and I that replacing a few boards on our fence won't fix anything and that [if] I think this will all just go away but it won't.

Um, yeah, that sounds more like the response of someone whose beloved pet is mauled to death by your vicious dog.

I called the police and filed a report.

We just went to court today the neighbors and the HOA made sure our dog can never come back, the neighbor went door to door getting other neighbors to call and email the HOA complaining about our dog and they did even though they've never interacted with my dog.


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  2. I want this post removed you have no permission from me to use my message to I love my pit bull page. I was never asked if it can be used. If this post is not removed from your blog I will be filing a lawsuit against you!

  3. Whoever you are you don’t know the entire story, I tried to tell it but it’s so long. First our neighbor refused to take responsibility for his actions, his cat was wandering around the neighborhood before we moved here and continued afterwards. His cat was spraying on other people’s property I even had neighbors come and tell me my dog did a service to the neighborhood. I was shocked they said that, I don’t think it was just that the cat died. I was told he killed his own cat so he could pin it on my dog too. We didn’t know whose cat it even was until another neighbor had told us because the cat was always unattended out front not confined like our HOA States ALL animals need to be! In court the judge even told our neighbors they need to read the rules and obide. So who the hell are you to say what you’ve said? The neighbor did come to my house and told both my husband and myself not to worry it’s just a cat, his wife is allergic and they don’t think of animals like people. Honestly I think you are my asshole neighbor the way you are trying to make us look like liars be careful what you say you could end up in court!

    1. Also we were trying to be responsible pet owners we had told him we were going to rehome the dog before he threatened us but he still threatened us. Nice guy huh? The dog got out on accident it wasn’t intentional, we have cats so I’m not sure why he attacked the cat other than the cat scratched him when I looked at the cat there were no puncture wounds just my dog had blood all down his face from being scratched. I waited for the police because I was distressed I was in tears and he wouldn’t let me take his cat he was busy cussing at me. You don’t know what you would have done in my situation but you want to judge and bash me that makes you an asshole. God will judge you!