Sunday, July 30, 2017

Illinois: Pit Bull fractures Poodle's spinal cord in vicious attack

ILLINOIS -- Please Help Our dog diamond ❤️

On the morning of Wednesday July 19, 2017 Diamond our family's beloved dog got attacked by a pit bull as my mother was taking her out for her daily walk.


Diamond (or as we call her poochie) lost a lot of blood and was wounded severely, she has two deep wounds in the stomach and a fractured spinal cord. 

She requires medication and daily visits to the vet to clean her incisions. As you may know the Vet bills are extremely high and only keep getting higher.

If you find it in your heart to help us with what ever you can we really appreciate it. It hurts us so much to see her suffer the way she is

Our girl Diamond has been in the family for the past 10 years and has brought us nothing but happiness. Please help us get our dog better.

GoFundMe: "Our Trooper Needs Your Help"
Created July 24, 2017
jenny delgado

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