Saturday, July 22, 2017

Indiana: Tiny Chihuahua named Bandit mauled by a Pit Bull

INDIANA -- Shelly Cooley posted on Facebook July 2, 2017 ·

I wasn't going to get on here, but we had an unfortunate incident to happen this morning while they were getting my birthday set up.

Asking all my prayer warriors to please say a prayer for our family dog Bandit.

He was attacked this morning by a pit bull. He got puncture wounds, mouth bleeding, just laying around & can barely move. No vets are open today. We pray that he makes it til tomorrow. Thank you.


Shelly Cooley - Kept him giving IVs Picking up tonight.If he does ok tonight he will be fine if he doesn't do any better by Wednesday then he may possibly have to have surgery she is really concerned in the puncture wound in his abdomen.