Thursday, July 6, 2017

(June 2017) Michigan: Chainsaw and 2x4s used to ward off dogs mauling handyman in metro Detroit. The only thing that stopped them is when a cop showed up and shot one of them. Hmm, what breed of dog is known for not stopping its attack until shot?? Hmm.

MICHIGAN -- A man is in the hospital after being attacked by two dogs at a home in Inkster.

It happened in the 2200 block of St. Michael.

Witnesses say the man was working on a backyard fence when two dogs got loose from a neighbor's house, with one of them getting under the fence to attack the man.

At one point, the victim tried to get into the house, but he was followed by one of the dogs.

The witnesses tried to get the dogs off the man, attacking them with a 2X4 and a chainsaw.

The dogs were back in the owner's yard when police arrived, but one of the dogs ran back out and tried to attack the officer. Witnesses say the officer, defending himself, shot one of the dogs. It is not clear if that dog was killed.

The handyman suffered wounds to his arms and legs and lost a lot of blood. His exact condition isn't known.

The owner of the dogs had no comment.

The owner should have had "no comment" because they were in a jail cell. But we all know this rarely happens. They'll surrender the two dogs, unnamed breed, and then they'll just go online and get another "unnamed breed" tomorrow.


Mary Foster - Media sensationalism at its best on the assumptions that it's pit bulls. Who cares the breed the focus should be on the human.  I hope he's okay. People need to learn to take care of the dogs. FYI my shitzu would bite you way before my pit bulls... repeatedly proven.

Nneka Bechi - Difference being when a shitzu bites someone, they end up with a bandaid or light first aid. When a pitbull attacks someone, they end up in the cemetery or ICU (if they're lucky).

Kara Werner - Or a german shepherd. Or a boxer. Or a Labrador. It's always one extreme or the other.

Sharon Bell - HOw is it media sensationalism? The media (this article) never said anything about what kind of dogs they were.

Audrey Lyn - The op just wants attention bc she didn't read the story past the headline

Renee McLaughlin - No Audrey Lyn, the op knows that it will assumed pits before any information is even given and the pit bashing will start as Nneka Bechi has already shown. Small dogs can rip your face off too you just don't hear about it in the news because pit attacks generate clicks.

Kim Wells - The breed matters too...

Sharon Bell - Renee McLaughlin The general public may assume that, but it's not media sensationalism. If it were media sensationalism the media would have said pitbull or said a witness, neighbor, etc believes it was a pitbull. The media said nothing at all about the breed.

Dudley Mills - Well maybe you need to get rid of your dog!

Craig Brown - Of the disfigured dog attack victims in 2016, 576 (91%) were disfigured by pit bulls.

Altogether in 2016, a record 356 children were involved in dog attacks in which at least one human victim was killed or disfigured. Of those children, 235––more than in any other year except 2014, and two-thirds of the total––were attacked by pit bulls.

William Eardley - no it should be on the breed, it is ALWAYS pitbulls.

Cathye Cook Bordwell - Renee McLaughlin personal experience, amongst family and friends...two year old severe attack requiring hospitalization "pit" family pet. Eight year old severe attack requiring hospitalization "pit" friend pet. Six year old bite...stitches "lab" family pet. Local girl age 5 severe...hospitalized "pit" friends trusted pet. All unprovoked attacks. Pit 3 versus Lab 1. All 3 children attacked by the "bully breeds" required hospitalization and reconstructive surgery, the Lab bites then released owner able to control immediately.

Pean Jierre - Probably pit bulls, but let me guess they used to be nanny dogs and it's all how they're raised?

(WXYZ - June 27, 2017)